Review: Dynafit Alpine Running Belt

This review was first published over at FionaOutdoors

Dynafit’s Alpine Running Belt is a great option to carry important kit without having to carry a pack or wear your mobile phone on your arm. 

Dynafit is a brand that I trust. I have tested and continue to use a broad range of their products and they stand out in their quality and ingenuity.

Features include:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Elastic waist
  • Gel/flask Pocket
  • Reflective logo
  • Bib number clips
  • Weight: 34g 
  • Price: €45. See Dynafit.

What’s good about the ALPINE RUNNING BELT?

Simple. The Alpine Running Belt has no buckles, clasps, etc. Because of its simplicity you can spin it anyway you wish. I personally like to have my phone in the front and my water in the back – and that is easy enough.

Lightweight and Breathable. You can toss it in your bag if you have to travel. You can slip it on even if you just want to keep your phone snug. It is great for warm weather so your back doesn’t get overheated with a back. 

For a race, it would be excellent to store a few gels. It also fits easily under a jacket in cool weather.

Options. The Alpine Running Belt multiplies your options without having to put on a pack. Having the small compartments makes it easy to store what you need, but keep it handy.

Capacity. What I found to work best for me was to carry my phone (an iPhone S model), a mask, gummies, a soft flask of water, small bag with  bandaids and toilet paper and my keys. If you use a full water bottle it ends up bouncing, but I found that with my fit having the large phone and about 400ml of water was just fine. If you are concerned about bouncing, you can always go more snug with the fit when you purchase it.

What’s not so good about the ALPINE RUNNING BELT?

The online description states that it has a small zip pocket, but it does not. I don’t think it is essential, but if you are concerned about your keys bouncing out (which never had happen with me), take that into account.

If the pocket tabs were a bit larger, that would make accessibility even easier.

I think one option to consider with this belt is either a small drawstring or snap. If you are using this in a race, it would be helpful to tighten it up or loosen it just a bit as your body fluctuates and your storage needs shift. It isn’t a big deal, since ideally you shouldn’t be changing too many sizes! However, just like there are times to adjust the drawstrings on elastic shorts, it could be a help.

Conclusion: The Dynafit Alpine Running Belt is a great piece of kit that I will be using the coming years, not only in racing but also running up into the mountains, while traveling, or just for time away. It offers enough capacity to keep my hands free. It’s breathability and lightweight features will make it great for the hot summer runs.

*I received this running belt free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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