Review: CimAlp winter running kit

This review was first published over at FionaOutdoors

I have been testing a CimAlp winter running kit combo, including running tights, a long-sleeved running top and a headband.

The three pieces share the common factors of comfort, warmth and breathability, all of which are high priorities for those who run in the rain and snow.

CimAlp has been producing kit for a variety of outdoor pursuits over the past 50 years. They are demonstrating that they are capable of providing high quality, reasonably priced kit for the runner. 

Note update since the review was first published: After wearing this shirt repeatedly, I have noticed that the reflective emblems have started to peel off. I have worn it frequently over the past months, and perhaps it is a combination of wearing it while backpacking, or the type of washing I use. It won’t stop me from wearing it, but as with any adhesive based emblems, these can come off.

CimAlp Tende H Men’s trail running tights + Multi-pocket Belt

  • 4 mesh pockets
  • 1 zipped pocket
  • Flatlock seams
  • Ankle zips
  • Elastic belt with drawstring
  • 3D – Flex Compression – 200g/m2
  • Stretchabilty: High
  • Sun Protection: 40UPF 
  • Retain price: £69.07
  • See CimAlp trail running tights.


Comfort: Even with the additional pockets on the waist, these running tights are comfortable. I like the fact that they have the elastic belt, but still keep the drawstring. It allows you to run comfortably, but cinch things down if you feel as though they are sagging.

Pockets: The TENDE H tights have 4 mesh pockets and 1 zipped pocket. I tested these out with about 400ml of water in a soft flask, gummies and my phone and I was pleased. If you try to pack too much weight in any waist belt you end up with unwanted bouncing. These waste pockets do as good a job as an external hip pack in keeping things tight and close. 

Warmth: I went running in the snow and mountain trails and was pleasantly surprised. There are situations where you may want to add an extra layer, but these were great for cold weather and I would reach for them on any cold run.


Some might wonder why you would buy tights with the built-in belt instead of just getting a hip belt to go over the top. I think you can go either way. I personally wear a hip belt in runs all year long, so I obviously need one for summer running when I wouldn’t be wearing these tights. However, it is a great option to be able to put away your extra belt for the winter season and just use these tights.

CimAlp Argentieres H men’s long sleeve trail running shirt 

  • SMARTWARM® fibre, featuring extreme softness.
  • Limited odours because of CIMAFRESH® treatment
  • Fabric: WARM IONIC 175g/m2
  • Technology: CIMAFRESH
  • Stretchability: 3D-Flex weaving
  • Retain price: £49.07 
  • See: CimAlp Argentieres H men’s trail running top


Comfort: This is a great layer. I have worn it repeatedly on runs and in my normal day to day. The 1/4 zip neck is great and is helpful in regulating temperature even more by zipping it up and restricting airflow on cooler days.

Pocket: This is nice for car keys, gummies, or something else small you don’t want to carry in your hands. You wouldn’t want to put anything large or heavy in it, like a phone, but it is nice to have.

Breathability: Limited odours, quick drying, easy to wash – pretty much what you want in a running shirt.

Layering: I layer all year long. I find I am the most comfortable with a simple base layer and then an additional layer or two. This shirt fits right in.

Thumb openings: These are a simple pleasure. I don’t often use them, but having them to pull down helps keep my hands warmer by protecting the blood flow around my wrists. I have found that the simple action of using them when I am a bit chilled raises my enjoyment level. It is a small touch, but something I use regularly.


I can see why having a second pocket on the back might be nice to even it out so the shirt doesn’t list to the side, but I don’t use it for anything heavy so it isn’t an issue.

CimAlp Aurores Men’s/Women’s Headband

  • Thermal insulation 
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-odour protection thanks to the IONIC treatment;
  • Lightweight
  • Technology: Ionic
  • Retain price: £10.82 
  • CimAlp headband


Comfort: This is a simple but comfortable headband. It is easy to toss in a hydration pack for runs that might take you into the wind or snow. Having cold ears is miserable and this is a simple fix.

It is easy to wash. 

You can reverse it if you have a tendency to care about the color scheme.


Couldn’t you do the same with a Buff? It essentially operates in the same way, but I would still choose this over a Buff in a run where I will be in the cold the entire time. I nearly always have a Buff on me when I am running for their multiple uses, but in my opinion, this headband is still worth having.

Conclusion: If you are looking for some comfortable, warm, and breathable kit for cold weather running, these three are worth checking out. They are reasonably priced, thoughtfully designed, and are good options for running in the cold.

  • I received these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review.