Review: Cimalp Vision One Sunglasses

I have taken too many sticks to the eyes to run without some type of eye protection. It is probably due to a mixture of my love for single track trails, my tall height, and my admittedly slow reaction time. But none of those facts are going to change for me, so I wear glasses whenever I can. Even in low light conditions I prefer to have something to cover my eyes. And when there is snow glare or high sun, it is a must. The Cimalp Vision One sunglasses are a great option for someone looking for a lightweight, highly customizable pair of sunglasses.


• Extremely customizable (supposedly 9,000 possible combinations. That seems plenty to me)

• Ultra light (26g)

• Well ventilated (6 vents + NoFoG coating)

• Compatible with Optical Insert

• Excellent coverage (48 mm screen)

• Frameless

• Adjustable (temple ends and nose bridge)

• Durable (Unbreakable polycarbonate screen; GRILAMID TR90 branches)

• 100% ANTI UV.

• Retail price: £69.90

Pros: What’s good about the vision One sunglasses?

I have used these glasses for the last four months in a variety of activities. I have passed many hours running trails in our mountains, biking around our valley, traveling, and hiking. I have tossed them in backpacks and carry-on luggage. Here are some of the standout features I have seen.

These sunglasses are light. Very light actually. That was the first thing I noticed as I pulled them out of the package. Because of the frameless construction, there is very little weight to them.

The vents are great. While out running trails during the hot summer months, I found this aspect of the Vision One glasses very helpful. It actually does keep good airflow around my eyebrows while still maintaining good coverage to keep out sun glare. Couple that with the NoFoG coating (my first experience with this), I didn’t have any fogging issues.

Hard case and soft case included. I carried these on multiple flights and on many trips. A good case is a must.

Cons: What’s not so good about the vision One sunglasses?

I think the one thing that would make these sunglasses better is a change of nose pads. I found that once I began to sweat while out running, it was hard to keep them from slipping. I actually considered picking up some no-slip stickers to put on the nose pads to see if that helped. I think if CimAlp addressed this issue they would have an even better set of glasses to offer.

A note to the buyer, if you are interested in switching out lenses for different light levels, you will need to look somewhere else.


The CimAlp Vision One Sunglasses are a good option for hiking, trail running, biking, and driving. If you want the perfect color scheme with nearly no extra weight, I would recommend you try these sunglasses.

*I received these sunglasses free of charge in exchange for an honest review.