Review: Camelbak Kids’ Scout™ Hydration Pack

First published at FionaOutdoors

Camelbak is a front runner when it comes to hydration systems. My first hydration pack was a Camelbak that I bought 20 years ago while I was in my teens and used it regularly on excursions into the forest and on the trail. Now I have kids who are getting into hiking, running and biking. I wanted to see if Camelbak´s Kids’ line would work as well as my first hydration pack

Here is what we liked – and what could be better.

Features include:

  • Size 14l
  • CRUX™ 1.5l reservoir system 
  • Safety whistle included on sternum strap
  • Breathable air mesh back panel for a lightweight, comfortable fit
  • Reflective accents for visibility in low-light environments
  • Price: £49.99.
  • See at Camelbak.

What’s good about the Camelbak Kids’ Scout™ Hydration Pack?

Camelbak does hydration very well. Their new CRUX™ reservoir system delivers more water per sip. They have also made it easier to refill with a handle built in, and then an on-off lever on the bite valve so you don’t end up leaking water all over when you accidentally sit on it (which may or may not happen with a preschooler). 

The fact that this pack comes with this hydration system that you can move to other packs is a great reason to consider it.

The pack fits well. It has a shorter torso so your child isńt walking around with a pack hanging down to their ankles. We had both our five year old, and also our two year old, wear it on our trek (he was a bit small, but insisted he should get to carry it since it is blue). 

The shoulder straps are comfortable and the additional chest straps makes it easier for them to keep it on when they haven’t quite grown into it yet.

The construction is good, what you would expect from the typical Camelbak product. They have multiple pockets so your child can keep things separated. There are two side mesh pockets, apparently perfect for storing bark and conkers our son finds while hiking, and then two principle pockets. 

The smaller front pocket has two mesh dividers inside for essentials like a headlamp, candy bar, and then a book. The larger compartment has enough space for a spare set of clothes or whatever essential adventure kit they might need. For our 5 day hike on the Camino De Santiago, that meant a stuffed puppy and blanket.

The hydration sits in a sleeve between the back mesh and the principle compartment, and is secured by a simple clip that a child can open.

As far as a pack, this was a good fit for a preschooler up to early primary school.  

What’s not so good about the Camelbak Kids’ Scout™ Hydration Pack

I think one thing that Camelbak could do would be to switch out the mesh pockets on the side for a no-rip fabric since kids packs tend to get snagged as they bounce around so near the ground.

If you are looking for a running pack for your child, this is too big. It is meant for a day pack with the option of hydration.

Also, if anyone can figure out how to keep a little boy from blowing the safety whistle whenever the pack is next to him in the car, I would like to know. Asking for a friend!


If you are taking a family trip, regular hikes, or just need a good pack that will be able to double as a hydration pack, the Scout is a good option. Our son loves his, and whenever we head out the door he wants to bring it on the “adventure.” I think it is a pretty good investment if we can encourage that longing for the trail from an early start. 

  • We received this pack free of charge in exchange for an honest review.