Review: Darn Tough Socks

First published at FionaOutdoors

While growing up, my parents would threaten us by saying they would only give us socks and underwear for Christmas. After trying out the Darn Tough socks, I am hoping they throw out some of those threats again and actually follow through.

Darn Tough Socks are made in Vermont, USA. The company is dedicated to providing quality socks for comfortable daily use and dependable adventure use. They are so confident about their product that they offer lifetime guarantees on all their socks.

Features include:

  • Moisture wicking
  • Thermo regulating
  • Anti-microbial
  • All-day comfort
  • Guaranteed for life 
  • Check out their prices at Trekkit: and you can buy from Amazon, too. 

What’s good about the Darn Tough Socks?

My wife and I have been wearing these socks nearly exclusively for the past month in order to test their comfort, the odours, their warm weather and cold weather performance, plus their durability.

First, these are comfortable socks. I wouldn’t say that they are exceptionally more comfortable than other brands I have tested, such as Smartwool, Wigwam and Cabelas. But they are no less comfortable. And they are definitely more comfortable than the packages of socks you get off the shelf at a department store. 

I would be completely satisfied if these were the only socks I wore for the next five years.

As far as odours, we have had no issues. We have worn the same pair a few days in a row and didn’t notice anything horrendous. When I run in them, I make sure to wash them right away, but for normal daily use their wear time can be extended if needs be.

The performance is good, too. The last five weeks our temperature is moving between 0C and 20C. We have been out walking, hiking and running and have never thought that these are two warm or not warm enough. \We have been testing out the Midweight with Cushion socks in their No Show and Micro Crew lengths. They have a good fit around the arch, sufficient toe room and a good heel.

Their guarantee is what sold me the socks right away. They are confident in their brand. I have put plenty of holes in socks over my lifetime. Actually, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in wearing holes in my clothing. 

So, their guarantee has become a challenge for me. They have thrown down the gauntlet and I have accepted. I want to wear a hole in these socks.

I actually went online to check it out. Some companies say they have a lifetime guarantee, but they make it so hard to get the items replaced that you are better off just replacing the kit yourself. 

See the warranty information on the Darn Tough website. There are returns details. There you will find two ways to return them, at a brick and mortar store, or through sending them back. Both seem to be very simple.

One final bonus of Darn Tough socks is their selection. They have a variety of lengths, colours, patterns and styles, and they keep coming out with fun ones if you like to show off your socks.

What’s not so good about the Darn Tough Socks?

The only issue we have had is that there has been some extra fuzz on one of the pairs of women socks, just where the weave changes. It isn’t unraveling,  just extra fuzzy. We haven’t noticed it in any other pair, so it may just be that style.

Conclusion: I really hope I get another pair of these for Christmas.