Running the Camino: What we did

Probably the most frequently used phrase while doing any type of outdoor activity with my father was “It gets better ahead.” Normally it was utilized when it assuredly would not get better ahead. I believe the idea was to give a psychological boost to our rapidly waning enthusiasm. I was so thankful that he taught me this useful tool that I decided to take him on back-to-back, self-supported, ultras to let him experience the benefits of this little mind trick!

My opportunity came this past month while my parents were visiting us from the US. Leaving from our home we ran the Camino de Santiago from Ponferrada to Sarria. The first day we made it to Laguna de Castilla, just over 54 km. There we got a meal, a shower, and some sleep. The second day we did the 46 km to Sarria where our family picked us up and drove us home.

Our strategy was fairy simple. We ran when we could, walked when we were tired, drank cafe con leche whenever able, and stopped at any cafe that looked like they would allow some rough looking runners in their door. Thankfully there were many of those along the way and they fed us donuts, candy bars, and then shoved us back out the door…just like good aid station volunteers.

Below are some photos that will give you an idea of what I consider some of the pretties sections of the Camino De Santiago.

In the next post I will share what we packed.