Review: Helinox Chair One Mini

This review first posted over at FionaOutdoors

Our family loves the outdoors…once we are out there. Convincing our kids aged seven, four and one, that they really do love it takes a bit of encouragement, but we all get there in the end. Besides a bountiful supply of snacks, having some nice kit makes this goal so much easier to attain. The Helinox Chair One Mini is one of the pieces that we always take along with us.

We have found that the fastest way to transition from the cooped-up feeling which 2020 will forever be known for, to exploring in the mountains, is to grab some take-away food and have a picnic. For this reason we have our picnic blanket and Chair One Mini in the trunk at all times. 

The Mini takes up very little space, it is extremely light and it is very fast to assemble. If you are looking for a chair for your little one, this is an excellent option.

Features inclue:

  • Made with light, strong DAC aluminum and breathable mesh.
  • Load capacity is 90kg.
  • Packed size is 10 x 8 x 26cm (3.5 x 3 x 10 in).
  • Assembled dimensions are 44 x 34 x 40cm (17 x 13 x 15.5 in).
  • Seat height from ground is 24cm.
  • Carrying case includes a zipper closure, grab handles and daisy chain to strap it to a pack.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Retail price: £59.69. See: Helinox.

What’s good about the Helinox CHAIR ONE MINI?

The Chair One Mini is packable. It is small, light and compact. It has a simple carrying case. It easily fits into a backpack, under the car seat, or under an arm. This makes it so easy to toss in and add some extra comfort for an afternoon out.

Once at the destination, or at least pausing mid trek, the Chain One Mini is quickly assembled. There are no complicated diagrams or buttons. A child can do it easily. If I have to fight with a piece of kit, I won’t use it. With this chair there is no fighting.

In its simplicity is another benefit and you can’t lose any parts. Since they are all attached via an internal chord, you won’t forget a leg somewhere along the hike.

The warranty is another bonus. Normally with children’s kit the “warranty” is just the cheap cost so you can toss it in the bin and buy another one. Not so here. 

What’s not so good about the Helinox CHAIR ONE MINI?

I think the only drawback to this chair is the price. Would I want to spend this amount of money on a chair for my child? In our situation, would I pay for three of these chairs?

My answer has to include this question as well. How much is it worth to me to make it easy for my kids to love the outdoors? Will this help them?

We don’t have three of these chairs. We have one and we all share it, including me! I don’t think each of our children need one, but they all enjoy it and it is definitely worth having. And because of its light weight and compact size, I will probably take it with me on my next backpacking trek.

Conclusion: When it isn’t in our car boot, the chair floats around our house as preferred seating for anyone with short legs.