Running the Camino: What we packed

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Running the Camino: What we did

The less you pack, the better your stories will be. Granted, the reason is because there is a high potential for misery during the activity, but the stories will be better nonetheless.

During our two day, 100 km run on the Camino De Santiago, my dad and I managed to both pack more than necessary and not enough. We planned on spending the night in an albergue and also eating along the way wherever we found food. For that reason we did not take a tent, cook stove, etc.

Here is what we took:

– Running Pack: I used my Dynafit Ultra Pro 15L pack which was perfect for what I carried.

– Poles: Dynafit Ultra Pro poles which are light and quick to assemble.

– Jacket: Rab Kinetic Alpine jacket

– Extra shirt, shorts, socks, underwear

– A silk sleep sack in case the accommodations were a little questionable.

– A handful of Tailwind hydration mix

– A handful of gummies and energy bars

– Phone and charge cord

– Money and identification

– Our Pilgrim Credentials and Camino Shell

Below are some photos where you can you see the size of our packs.

In the next post I will share a video of our trip.