Review: UST SlothCloth Bug Hammock

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camping hammock

I have slept in hammocks around the world. My first forays into sleeping outdoors alone in the woods were in a hammock. I used one while camping for a week on an island in Canada. I even passed the night in one on a barge heading up the Amazon river from Iquitos, Peru. They are all great memories, even though I got too scared to spend the entire night alone as a boy, the bugs devoured me in Canada, and I didn’t sleep at all with a couple hundred other travellers…and their animals…sharing the barge with me!

I have been testing the UST SlothCloth Bug Hammock from Whitby&Co and it is a great option for those who want a quick setup, bug protected, lightweight hammock all in a small package.

camping hammock
camping hammock

Features include:

  • Tree-safe straps and carabiners for easy setup
  • Dual-sided, easy-to-use zipper to securely close bug net from either side
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Expandable design comfortably fits one person
  • Breathable fabric keeps user cool on warm days and creates a relaxing resting spot
  • Integrated drawstring bag
  • Dimensions: 315cm x 145cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Price: £89.95
  • You can purchase it at Whitby&Co on sale
camping hammock
camping hammock

What’s good about the SlothCloth Bug Hammock?

Packaging: The hammock comes with everything you need, except the trees. I love having it in our boot for when we take the kids out for a picnic in the mountains and we can just set it up. My girls like having it set up at home and reading in it. When we aren’t using it, everything fits into a small package.

Fabric: The nylon isn’t special in itself, since there are many hammocks on the market made of nylon, but this sure beats what I grew up with. I had two options as a kid, the typical cotton garden hammock that would spin as soon as you tried to get in it, and a green fishing net that my older brother would attach to trees. This durable nylon is so much better.

The bug net: While bugs are part of every outdoor venture, they don’t have to cut it short. That is why having this bug net built-in is so convenient. And if there are no bugs around, it isn’t in the way of the hammock’s use. (Editor comment: The netting has not been tested with midges.)

We also have the Heroclip Mini Gear Clip, which makes it easy to hang things on the hammock itself, or on a tree limb nearby. The kids like to clip their water bottle to it so they can have it within reach. While the HeroClip has a ton of other functions, this is just one way it gets used by us.

What’s not so good about the SlothCloth Bug Hammock?

If you were going to be doing a solo backpacking trip, or needed ultralight kit, there probably is a lighter option out there, or maybe one with an integrated rain fly. But for people like me who want to use this for pleasure time outside, a camp out, or having a nice nap by the lake or in the forest, this suits us just fine.

Conclusion: I really enjoy this hammock. My kids love it. When it isn’t set up at home, we keep ours with our “just-in-case-adventure” bag so we have it when we are out and about. I am excited to see what memories my kids will make with this hammock.

* I received this hammock free of charge in exchange for an honest review.