Review: CimAlp PITON softshell trousers

This review first posted at FionaOutdoors

“But its raining/snowing/sleeting/cold/etc…” I despise those words when they are used as an excuse to not go out. It is my belief that the best time to be outside is right before, or immediately after, a big storm. In order to enjoy those times you have to be willing to get wet and cold.

These trousers are an excellent solution. If you plan on heading out into the cold for wet, ice, or snow, we found the Piton Softshell Trousers to be a great option.

As a company with more than 50 years in the business, CimAlp has been putting out a lot of good quality kit. These trousers are another addition that are worth looking at.


  • Waterproof (10’000mm) and breathable (10’000MVP)
  • PFC-free Cimashell® membrane
  • Kevlar® reinforcements 
  • Adjustable removable straps
  • Large side vents with two-way zippers
  • Snow gaiters
  • RECCO® reflector for emergency rescue
  • Bluesign® certified
  • Retain price: 119£
  • only on

Pros: What’s good about the PITON Softshell Trousers?

Comfort. Wearing these trousers was a surprise. The internal fabric is very soft while the outside is durable and waterproof. For walking long distances these would be great. There wasn’t the chafing one might expect from such waterproof trousers.

Warmth. These were sufficient for cold weather hikes, snow, mountain hikes, etc. They also are breathable which makes them a great option if you need to layer.

Waterproof. This is probably the top reason I would recommend these trousers. Having the ability to get out in any weather without the discomfort is great!

Durability. Because of the inserts in key places, these trousers are very durable. I didn’t have to worry about kneeling down or wear and tear on the trail. 

Access. The zippers provide access to internal trousers and also make it easy to get them on and off. Having the extra pull tabs is essential for use with gloves or mittens.

RECCO reflector. This could change your life in the backcountry. While we didn’t test it out, nor do we want to be in the position where it is a necessity, it is there.

Integrated powder gaiters. These mean I have one less thing that I need to think about for hikes or in the backcountry.

Cons: What’s not so good about the PITON Softshell Trousers?

This is not a negative, but could use some consideration for future design. The suspenders are a nice addition, but if you take them off you are left with a slightly awkward piece of fabric on the small of your back. This isn’t uncomfortable, but could be addressed easily.

Sizing. I found the sizing to run smaller than I was expecting. While everyone wears their pants in their own way, consult the sizing guide before purchasing.

There is very little to comment here. They are great trousers.


“But its raining/snowing/sleeting/cold/etc…” I love those words when they are used as a reason why NOT to stay indoors. With a few changes in kit, like these trousers, there are no excuses for time in the mountains in the best adventure weather. So, I’m thankful for PITON trousers which make it even easier to enjoy the beauty of the storm.

*I received these trousers free of charge in exchange for an honest review.