The Smell

No matter what level of runner you are, there is a common problem that everyone faces. Sure, most people have muscle fatigue, or reoccurring injuries. Gastrointestinal issues are commonplace. Struggling to find a balance between family and training is nearly universal. However, this issue surpasses them all, and that is the funky smell that permeates your clothing and shoes.

I am about to offer a few pointers for the running community. Take notes.

Option one: burn them. It might sound drastic, but as a long distance runner, no one considers you a person of moderation. Say your goodbyes and get it over with quickly.

Option two: try out some home remedies on the internet…and then burn them. Let’s face it, no one has actually done those things you read on Pinterest.

Option three: give up caring and embrace the constant complaining of those with whom you live. This isn’t that bad of an idea. Just consider it endurance mental training. You know that you will be battling voices in your head for the last third of the next race anyway. Embrace it.

I hope this helps each and every one of you. And a final recommendation if someone shared this post with you as a not so subtle hint. Don’t shoot the messenger. As for you who claims your clothes and shoes don’t smell, you probably lied about how far you ran last weekend too.

Any other recommendations you could share with us?