Review: CimAlp Trail running starter pack

First published at FionaOutdoors

While running itself is a fairly simple activity, there is a complicated range of clothing and kit to choose from. To make it easier to know how to get started with the right running kit, CimAlp has created a running starter pack.

The running starter pack by CimAlp is a good option for someone who is interested in getting some running specific clothing without spending a lot of time researching. 

The two pieces I have been wearing are the Gueret H Ultra-Light Running shorts and the Eiger Ultra-light Breathable t-shirt. There are comparable women’s shorts and shirts as well.

Features of the Gueret H Ultra-Light Running shorts:

  • Uses: Ultra-light hiking, trail running, fast-hiking
  • Regular sportswear cut
  • Anti-UV sun protection (40 UPF)
  • CIMAFLEX® TECHNOLOGY: An ultra-stretch material that’s lightweight and stretches horizontally and vertically
  • Ultra-lightweight and breathable
  • Weight: 79g (M)
  • £39.50. 

I like these shorts for the following reasons. They are extremely light and breathable. While running in the heat, these were perfect because it allowed the sweat to evaporate quickly. Also, when I was on a trip and had to hand wash them each day after my runs, the dried quickly in the hotel room.

I also find the waist very comfortable. With some fabric, the waist bunches up and chafes. 

These shorts have elastic sewn into the waist to keep them tight, but they also have a draw string, which I really like. The draw string only goes half way around on either side and then is sewn to the elastic. This is really nice because it allows you to tighten them down if you need to, but you won’t lose the drawstring by it snaking out in the wash.

The shorts also have a small zipper pocket for keys etc. That is a nice option to have if you don’t have a waist pack or running pack. It isn’t big enough for a phone and would be pretty awkward with something large, but it would work great for emergency toilet paper, credit card or key.

Features for the Eiger men’s ultra-light breathable t-shirt: 

  • Regular sportswear cut 
  • CIMAFRESH®: BREATHABLE AND ANTI-ODOUR (a silver-salt-based odour-control technology with the lowest environmental impact)
  • Soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Anti-UV sun protection (40 UPF)
  • Weight: 69g (M)
  • £29.90.

I like this shirt for the following reasons. Just like the shorts, this is a very lightweight shirt. It packs down into a little ball, it dries super fast and and it is very breathable.

It is my preferred hot weather shirt and even when I take off my shirt because it is hot, I can slip it into my waist pack. 

It is antibacterial, so that keeps the smell down when you have to hand wash on the fly like I have been doing.

I also like the look. It is a classic style, so it is fine to wear while not running, or while layering with other shirts (not that I am overly fashion-conscious! But I like simple).

What’s good about the CimAlp Running Starter Pack?

I think this is a good option. Do you want to pick up some quality kit and not make a bunch of decisions? Check these out. Both the shorts and shirt are good options. They fit well, they are very breathable and they are extremely light.

What’s not so good about the starter pack?

I don’t think there are any major flaws in the shorts or shirt. I suppose someone who wants an integrated waist pack in their shorts would find the one little pocket lacking. Or someone who wants a more compression style shirt would be disappointed with the classic fit. 

But those are preferences for different people. I think for the price and ease of this, someone shouldn’t be disappointed after buying them.

Sizing? I found that the sizing was leaning toward the smaller size. I like a looser fit, so the next order I make from CimAlp I will probably order the next size up in both shirt and shorts. 

Conclusion: This is a light, comfortable, and very breathable set of shorts and shirt. And with the sale prices that you find over at CimAlp, a good buy for someone looking to replace some old running wear.

  • I received this starter set free of charge in exchange for an honest review.